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 Scooter Ninebot Mini

This is a small self-balancing scooter for general use, controlled by a 'knee control bar. It stands out among other models, first of all, with its superhardness. Even in difficult terrain (for example, in the mountains) without fear, you can use this vehicle.

The maximum recommended load is 120 kg. The maximum speed is up to 20 km / h. Range is 22 km.


Segway I2

Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter. Control Segway easy and pleasant: you just thought how to start moving in the chosen direction. Perhaps that's why the excursions to Segway and Segway tours are becoming more popular, and become a pleasant alternative to walking and bus tours

Segway I2 has a reinforced and lightweight rudder design with aggressive design, and easily overcomes absolutely any irregularities in the road.

The maximum recommended load is 140 kg. The maximum speed is up to 22 km / h. Power reserve 25 km.


  • Ninebot Mini

    15 min — 50 uah  

    30 min — 150 uah 

    1 h— 250 uah


  • Segway

    15 мин — 75 грн (Тест+обучение)

    30 мин — 175 грн (Обучение бесплатно)

    1 час — 275 грн (Обучение бесплатно)

    Обучение бесплатно. Студентам скидка 10%! Также у нас действует система скидок
    для постоянных клиентов.

Wanna ride


We can come and diversify any of your events! We have behind our back more than 50 successful events with the top companies of our city!

In practice, adults master them within five minutes, even children of 5-6 years can safely chase them! For rental in the room is enough 20 square meters.

The rental price of Ninebot Mini is 250 UAH per hour. The minimum order is 2 pcs. 2 hours. The cost also includes the services of an instructor



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